Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop - Now with Resolver support on the Repository tab

The Repository tab (circled in the picture below) in the Knopflerfish OSGi Desktop, now has support for the Resolver Service 1.0 specification.

What this means is that if there is a Resolver service available, clicking either the button to Install from repository or to Install and start from repository (circled in the picture below) will show a pop-up question asking if you want to resolve the selected resource and install its required dependencies.

Until the next full release this feature is available if you build from https://www.knopflerfish.org/svn/knopflerfish.org/trunk/.

In order to try this you also need to install an implementation of the Resolver Service. There is one available at org.apache.felix.resolver-1.0.0.jar.
To make things easier you can uncomment the following line in the init.xargs file in the osgi directory:

# Uncomment the following line to add Resolver support
#-istart http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/felix/org.apache.felix.resolver/1.0.0/org.apache.felix.resolver-1.0.0.jar

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