Knopflerfish 4 beta-2 released

We are happy to announce the second beta release of Knopflerfish 4, the next major release of Knopflerfish, designed to be compliant with the OSGi R4 v4.3 specifications. With the KF4 release Knopflerfish moves to OSGi R4 v4.3 for both Core and Compendium.

Compared to the first beta-1 release of KF4 / OSGi R4 v4.3, the second beta release includes several new features and fixes:
  • With the completion of Declarative Services KF4 beta-2 implement OSGi R4 v4.3 fully.
  • Android support is restored and functions for building an Android .apk containing Knopflerfish has been added.
  • The class weaving using ASM has been been moved into a separate classpatcher bundle that implements a Weaving Hook.
  • The KF Directory Deployer bundle has been given an overhaul and a new feature for deployment of XML-files with OSGi CM configurations has been added.
  • Several new features in the CM-Desktop plug-in, in particular functions for handling the CM Meta data XML document used by the Directory Deployer.
  • Desktop bundle includes several minor improvements
The Release Notes includes the complete list of features and fixes.

KF4 is available for download at:

The KF4 overview page presents an overview of OSGi R4 v4.3 and the current status of KF4. 


Knopflerfish is now available again

The Knopflerfish site is now available again and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

The problem was that some rats deep under the streets of Gothenburg decided for a fiber rich diet. A large section of our internet cable is now replaced.

 If anyone encounters any problems or errors please report back to us.


Knopflerfish site is temporarily unavailable

The Knopflerfish web site is temporarily unavailable. This is due to a broken fiber connection to the Makewave office. We hope to have everything sorted out later today.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.