KF moves to OSGi R4 v4.3 First beta version of KF 4 is released

We are happy to announce the first beta release of Knopflerfish 4, the next major release of Knopflerfish.

With the KF4 release Knopflerfish moves to OSGi R4 v4.3 for both Core and Compendium.

KF4 is available for download at:

The new KF4 release includes all the new features in R4 v4.3, e.g.
  • Generics - core API now uses generics
  • Capabilities - generic requirements and capabilities
  • Bundle Wiring API - provide information how requirements and provided capabilities have been resolved by the framework. Replaces PackageAdmin
  • Adapt pattern - new adapt method on the Bundle class
  • Framework hooks - mechanism to plug into the framework for close interaction, Resolver Hooks, Bundle Hooks, Service Hooks, Weaving Hooks.
  • Knopflerfish bundles, e.g. desktop, console commands etc, are all update to use and reflect the new 4.3 APIs.
For a complete description of the new release please refer to the release notes: