Knopflerfish OSGi on the iPhone

We have reports of KF running on the iPhone (firmware 2.0.2 + JamVM 1.5)! The photo shows the KF HTTP admin UI up and running.


Update 2008-08-31: We just got two more screenshots of KF on the iPhone (thanks Yuuki!):

the TTY console and the HTTP console, click for larger views


Desktop event displayer

We're working on making the Knopflerfish graphical desktop better! The first step, available as of build 2482, is support for framework events. Now any event topic can be displayed in a manner similar to the log view.

Yes, multiple event views may be open at the same time, listening to different topics and filters. Also, events can be manually entered and posted (even using an existing event as a template):

It's available in the desktop bundle version 2.1.0, which should run on your OSGi framework of choice.

Do try it out.

/Erik W

P.S. Yeah, you can use the trunk's bundle repository for even easier install.