Knopflerfish 3.2 released

Knopflerfish 3.2.0 has been released and is available for download at:

Knopflerfish 3.2 is the second minor KF3 release and includes several improvement in the framework, the compendium services and the Knopflerfish services, resulting in a faster and more robust platform.

The most important new feature and fixes are:
- Refactored fragment handling and full support for dynamic fragments
- Improved handling of hanging bundle threads in start and stop methods,
- Bugfixes in Conditional Permission Admin
- Improved HTTP server, better handling persistent connections as well as handling DoS attacks
- Fixed stability issues in Component (SCR)
- Improved Android / Dalvik support
- New tutorials for Security and Android

The release notes includes a complete description of all fixes in 3.2



Running Knopflerfish with Security turned on

For most users, the most common way of running Knopflerfish, or any OSGi container for that matter, is probably to run with security turned off. But in some contexts you need to turn security on. To overcome the set up hassle most users encounter the first time they get exposed to the ConditionalPermissionAdmin service in OSGi, and security in general in Java, we have created a hands on guide and tutorial on how to run Knopflerfish with Security turned On.

The small tutorial also includes some example bundles, including full sources. The examples are checked in to the KF SVN: