Knopflerfish and Java 9

Java 9 was officially released last week and testing this brand new major version of Java with Knopflerfish shows the following:

Knopflerfish runs fine on Java 9. The entire Knopflerfish test suite passes on Java 9. Should there be issues please report them to us at: https://github.com/knopflerfish/knopflerfish.org using the issue tracker.

Knopflerfish 6 does not however build with JDK9. We are now going over the issues and a new release can be expected soon. Most of the issues seem to be related to 3rd party libraries used in Knopflerfish, e.g. asm, ProGuard.

Please note that you will get warning from the desktop bundle because of the changes in Java 9 in regards to using reflection.

Supplying the --illegalaccess=warn flag will reduce the number of warnings.