Knopflerfish 5.1 released

The Knopflerfish team is pleased to announce the release of Knopflerfish 5.1 now available for download from the Knopflerfish web site.

Knopflerfish version 5.1 is the first minor release of Knopflerfish  implemented according to the OSGi Release 5 specification and includes several minor enhancements as well as all bug fixes made since KF 5.0 was released. The 5.1 release also includes fixed related to Java 8 and Knopflerfish 5.1 passes all tests on Java 7 and 8, as well as older Java versions, and embedded Java profiles.

The new key features in Knopflerfish OSGi 5.1 are:
  • Support for starting from a single jar that includes all jars, xargs and property files needed to start an entire system
  • Knopflerfish framework can now be executed in read only mode, i.e. no files are written by the framework. This assumes bundles are installed as reference file URLs
  • UserAdmin is completely self-contained, i.e. no dependencies on KF specific bundles
  • CM's persistent storage has been made more robust and fault resilient
  • HTTP Server now handles chunked transfer encoding correctly
  • Minor fixes in SCR
  • Repository Commands supports -r flag which recursively finds and installs dependencies
  • Plus many more minor fixes and enhancements.
The Release Notes includes the complete list of features and fixes.