Knopflerfish 3.2 released

Knopflerfish 3.2.0 has been released and is available for download at:

Knopflerfish 3.2 is the second minor KF3 release and includes several improvement in the framework, the compendium services and the Knopflerfish services, resulting in a faster and more robust platform.

The most important new feature and fixes are:
- Refactored fragment handling and full support for dynamic fragments
- Improved handling of hanging bundle threads in start and stop methods,
- Bugfixes in Conditional Permission Admin
- Improved HTTP server, better handling persistent connections as well as handling DoS attacks
- Fixed stability issues in Component (SCR)
- Improved Android / Dalvik support
- New tutorials for Security and Android

The release notes includes a complete description of all fixes in 3.2


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